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CLASSICAland is a web-library for sheet music books of classical music now re-edited as easy-to-use and high-quality PDF files.

Purpose of the site is to make good music editions available, in a professional way, to the large internet audience at a merely symbolic fee.

We take care of seven important principles in digitalizing old editions:

we publish editions that are no longer covered by copyrights;

we own all the old books that we then re-publish;

we thoroughly list all the information contained in the original book, such as the original publisher, catalogue number, and year of publication, plus the town where the book was purchased, and the condition of the book with a one-to-three star category (***);

we scan all our books with an exclusive method that allows for good precision in page centering;

we restore several books of great worth that are in a worn out condition and save rare books from going lost;

we do not to accept .pdf contributions from visitors precisely to maintain a high-quality control of classicaland;

but above all:

we scan all our books not just to sell them but because we love old music books, and we love to have them very well ordered in our computer!

The project started from the idea of scanning our own sheet music library. Now this library continually grows thanks to our various purchases of old music books around Europe.

We think you will definitely love CLASSICAland!


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